Pharmaceutical Economics begins with an investigation of the structure of the industry and its three main components: the research firms which produce innovative products; the generic drug industry and its expanding role; and the biotech industry, which is regarded as the future for pharmaceuticals. Further sections discuss topics including demand and incentives, pricing and regulation.

Professor Comanor and Professor Schweitzer have selected the most significant articles by leading academics, in order to offer a blend of standard economic interpretations of pharmaceutical policy and important new topics including biosimilars, insurance coverage for pharmaceuticals, price-fixing and direct-to-consumer advertising.

An authoritative new introduction by the editors provides an insightful guide to these important topics.

34 articles, dating from 1987 to 2011
Contributors include: E.R. Berndt, R.E. Caves, P.M. Danzon, R.G. Frank, H. Grabowski, R. Henderson, F.R. Lichtenberg, F.M. Scherer, F.M. Scott Morton, M.D. Whinston