In 2004, Tommy Jones and Bobby Schauerhamer began a support group called Choosing Healthy Sexual Boundaries. The purpose of the group was to help men who were struggling with selecting and maintaining good boundaries. From the success of that support group comes this handbook. The book is a compilation of tools and strategies that can help establish strong boundaries, as well as a description of group organization and function for anyone interested in forming a similar group. It includes positive choices and changes that can help inspire healthier and safer ways to meet needs. Most of the suggested strategies come from group members who have used them and found them to be effective. This handbook could be used by therapists as an adjunct to therapy or for suggested supplementary reading, by Probation and Parole Officers, Reintegration Agents, program staff associated with Prison-to-Community Transition services and by individuals looking for help making better and safer choices concerning their own sexuality. Choosing Healthy Sexual Boundaries is written in a positive and upbeat style that encourages men to take responsibility for their own behavior, and promotes development of strong well-defined boundaries as a path to meet personal needs in a safe and legal way that also helps keep our communities and individuals safe.

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