In biblical history, and also in many religious cultures it was discovered that there was a great war in heaven; sparked by a rogue angel by the name of Lucifer. He carried an appetite for power which had grown out of jealousy; for in his eyes he thought that he was better suited for the almighty God’s throne. The current historical adaptations speak about Satan and his brethren being cast out of God’s heavenly kingdom, but the factual literature and documentation by the prophets closest to God were lost. This left gaps in the scrolls that historians have uncovered relating to events that took place during these times. After Satan and his brethren fell from the grace of God, one of Satan’s brethren became angered with Satan, causing their futile alliance to collapse. As time passed his hunger for revenge became a hunger for destruction. He unleashed an evil of unimaginable power that threatened the very existence of all things that walk the Earth. Centuries passed by, and man continued to evolve. Kingdoms grew plentiful across the land. In the land of Avignon lived a great warrior by the name of DRUIDAE who vowed to protect the kingdom and his family; but unfortunately with every great warrior comes a greater foe.

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