THE MARVEL FAMILY #25 During the Golden Age of comics the Marvel Family - Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. - we the first and the most famous super-hero families in America. They appeared in numerous comics every month and at times dominated the comic landscape. After doing their part to help win World War Two, the Marvel Family in the late 40's concentrated on fighting crime at home. Now you can enjoy again – or, for the first time – some of the best in classic comics with these public domain reprints from Golden Age Reprints . This book contains the full issue of THE MARVEL FAMILY #25. Be sure to check out our entire line of full-color comic reprints! The classic comic reprints from GOLDEN AGE REPRINTS and UP History and Hobby are reproduced from actual comics, and sometimes reflect the imperfection of books that are decades old. These books are constantly updated with the best version available - if you are EVER unhappy with the experience or quality of a book, return the book to us to exchange for another title or the upgrade as new files become available. For our complete classic comics library catalog contact [email protected] OR VISIT OUR WEB STORE AT