Reform is one of the most significant themes, spiritual and intellectual, of the Middle Ages; and it has both institutional and individual dimensions. The Reformation crisis led to further variations on this crucial theme. This volume examines the theme of Reform from a variety of viewpoints while covering more than four centuries. Some contributions look at Apocalyptic dimensions in writings on reform. Another focuses on the influence of Gerhart Ladner on the study of reforming themes and reform movements.
These articles will be useful for the study of intellectual history, ecclesiastical history, the history of spirituality and the study of Apocalypticism.

Contributors include: Gregory S. Beirich, Christopher M. Bellitto, Gerald Christianson, Thomas C. Giangreco, William V. Hudon, Lawrence F. Hundersmarck, Thomas M. Izbicki, Daniel Marcel La Corte, Thomas E. Morrissey, Francis Oakley, Joseph F. O'Callaghan, Gilbert Ouy, Robert Somerville, Phillip H. Stump, and Morimichi Watanabe.

Publications by Louis B. Pascoe, S.J.:
- Jean Gerson: Principles of Church Reform, ISBN: 978 90 04 03645 1 (Out of print)
- Church and Reform: Bishops, Theologians, and Canon Lawyers in the Thought of Pierre d'Ailly (1351-1420), ISBN: 978 90 04 14062 2

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