This week we begin with the second episode of Bernard by Todd Nelsen.

That’s followed by The Days of Swine and Roses, a story of money and sex, success and failure written by Eddie McNamara, NY chef and writer who has previously been published in Penthouse, Gotham City Insider, and Pinup NYC, among others. That’s followed by Psycho-Girl, a chilling tale of new technologies and old terrors by Ray Duchene, whose webzine has a new edition out right now. Give it read! Including a story by the talented Rob Bliss, among many others.

Speaking of talent, we have the next installment of The Days of Mr. Thomas by James Rhodes. Then there’s another new Schlock contributor, Julie Darling, with a story of homophobia and horripilating revenge.

And of course we have our serials: the ongoing Daniel’s Dream by Rob Bliss, and – brace yourselves – the FINAL episode of Hilltop Manor by Nathan Rowark (and can I again remind you of his latest anthology, Suffer Eternal? An excellent book). Not to mention our classics, The First Men in the Moon, (where our heroes encounter life on the Moon) and A Journey to the Centre of Earth: last week our hero was lost, now he’s alone. I suppose we all are at some point, but very seldom are alone thousands of miles beneath the earth’s crust.

And in Songcatcher, that Geordie McElroy’s at it again, this time at the bottom of the world.


Just as a reminder, we’re still open submissions to our latest anthology, The Pulpateers. What we’re looking for is previously unpublished old-style pulp stories in the genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror. Word length 6000. Please follow, as far as possible, the Lester Dent Pulp Fiction Formula. The content, as long as it’s sci fi/fantasy/horror, is up to the individual author, but try to make it pulpy and retro. Weird tales, superheroes, Flash Gordon-style space opera, even noir or spy-fi, as long as it has a supernatural or SF twist, will all be accepted. Deadline: 19th May. Payment: exposure plus discounted copies. Send all submissions to [email protected]