Made from the highest quality coconut available anywhere in the world, Reptichip is the perfect reptile substrate that allows your animals to maintain their desired humidity level. This coconut bedding is ideal for all species of pythons, boas, colubrids, geckos, monitors, and frogs. Each Reptichip block (12in x 12in x 6in) is compressed, chipped coconut that expands to 2.5 cubic feet (72 quarts) of premium reptile bedding when you add water. Watch as your animals THRIVE in Reptichip Premium Coconut Substrate!

    • The BEST reptile substrate available
    • ☛ The only reptile bedding that absorbs odors and retains humidity
    • ☛ Easy to clean, no constant misting, no dust, allows for reptile hide
    • ☛ 100% organic, eco-friendly, and sustainable snake bedding
  • Livre de Reliure: Misc.
  • Marque: Reptichip
  • Catégories: Pet Products
  • Editeur: Reptichip LLC
  • Part Number: 43235-216526