Jan 25, 2017
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Le Morte D’Arthur, vol 1 by Thomas Malory

«Le Morte D’Arthur» – a novel by English writer of the XV century sir Thomas Mallory (a former knight who was sentenced to life imprisonment for robbery, rape, and robbery), which in later tradition, the name «Death of Arthur» is a monument of literature, a twofold value. On the one hand, the world’s best set of knights and chivalry, so called, of the Breton cycle – a set of heroic and fairy stories Dating back in turn to the myth and folklore of the Celtic peoples and to the history of the Western tip of Europe in the middle of I Millennium BC.

These stories contain echoes of real historical events – for example, the British Celts against the angles and Saxons; and the traces of the mythical conceptions of the ancient inhabitants of the European North-West – a world of deep, dark European past. Characteristically, typical of the medieval motifs searches of divine grace are the reason for the new chivalric adventure, and the Holy Grail turns into a kind of cornucopia.

The creation of the XV century, the book is Malory first and foremost a result of the previous four centuries of the development of European chivalric literature, its completion. The book Le Morte D’Arthur, vol 1 is very popular among readers. Most critics appreciate the book high marks. The author of the book has tried well to reveal traits of the characters of the heroes Le Morte D’Arthur, vol 1. E-book Le Morte D’Arthur, vol 1 belongs to the genre Myth, and is undoubtedly one of the best books in this genre.

The author of the e-book Le Morte D’Arthur, vol 1 is Thomas Malory. The book Le Morte D’Arthur, vol 1 the first time was published in 1470. The plot of the book very interesting and addictive from the first row.

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