Jan 25, 2017
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Les Misérables by Victor Hugo

The shining ideal of Hugo in the novel «Les Misérables» rises revolution. For Hugo it’s «a tremendous act of human honesty», and revolutionary feeling – «the sense of moral». The pathos of revolutionary chapters (remember the picture «Freedom on the barricades» by Eugene Delacroix) sometimes explicitly contrasting the real state of Affairs. Here the characters-especially the speakers resemble the actors in the Opera.

Sometimes Hugo portrays them as such deliberately: “At the appointed time, in the course of action of the divine drama, they go to the grave with the dispassion of the actor that submitted the next cue. They resign themselves to a hopeless struggle, stoic death for the sake of the brilliant dawn and uncontrollable worldwide proliferation of the great people’s movement.” But despite “acting”, the death is able to make his way to the needles (Mabe, Gavroche). Although, maybe that’s because their deaths can be explained, standing on a realistic position. Mabef lost everything (pages about how he from despair sold favourite library – one of the most soulful), and has not seen the meaning of life came to the barricade. Sacrifice Gavroche – childish impertinence, the coverage of the universal excitement. But the scene is shot Enjolras, embodying a reasonable (?) the power of the people – not only touches, but also seems far-fetched.

Hugo still doesn’t look at the world through rose-colored glasses, admiring the revolutionaries (“the revolution of love is possible in just one impulse to the ideal”), calls them “priests of utopia”. With the beginning of the war, the idea of a utopia comes from their radiant heights, “the pure idea becomes violence.” Heroism marred by violence. And truly great is the one who goes away from violence even in this difficult time. Sample – Jean valjean, “a gun which shoots without a miss, but did not kill anyone”. Thus, the light of the human soul in the coordinate system Hugo is far above the greatness of the revolution.

The book Les Misérables is very popular among readers. Most critics appreciate the book high marks. The author of the book has tried well to reveal traits of the characters of the heroes Les Misérables. E-book Les Misérables belongs to the genre Fiction and Literature, and is undoubtedly one of the best books in this genre.

The author of the e-book Les Misérables is Victor Hugo. The book Les Misérables the first time was published in 1862. The plot of the book very interesting and addictive from the first row.

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