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Detail Value: The Four Cornerstones of Corporate Finance :

An accessible guide to the essential issues of corporatefinance

While you can find numerous books focused on the topic ofcorporate finance, few offer the type of information managers needto help them make important decisions day in and day out.

Value explores the core of corporate finance withoutgetting bogged down in numbers and is intended to give managers anaccessible guide to both the foundations and applications ofcorporate finance. Filled with in-depth insights from experts atMcKinsey & Company, this reliable resource takes a much morequalitative approach to what the authors consider a lost art.

  • Discusses the four foundational principles of corporatefinance
  • Effectively applies the theory of value creation to oureconomy
  • Examines ways to maintain and grow value through mergers,acquisitions, and portfolio management
  • Addresses how to ensure your company has the right governance,performance measurement, and internal discussions to encouragevalue-creating decisions

A perfect companion to the Fifth Edition ofValuation, this book will put the various issues associatedwith corporate finance in perspective.