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Synopsis There is a time of night when the ghosts grow more active. This hour is the witching hour. Here is a collection of 13 ghostly tales. Be careful when you read, we wouldn’t want to get … “Lost in the Witching Hour” Table of Contents Approaching by Ryan Tandy Sonic Fear by Michael Kleen Amanda by Walter Conley In My Dreams are Halle’s Embers by Rhesa Sealy Never Too Late by Rick McQuiston Battlefield of Souls by Richard Farren Barber Crybaby Bridge by Christian A. Larsen What Happened to Little Caitlin by Nicky Peacock When the Goatman Comes by Amelia Cotter Charlatan Charade by Amy Braun The Patience Factor by Rick McQuiston DO NOT DISTURB: The Glen Tavern Entities by Jason Hughes Cleopatra’s Ghost by Anton Sim The Whorehouse Ghosts by James David Park