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No Return — This is the No Justice You’ve Been Waiting For


Jessi Price is missing, taken in a bold ambush on a school bus in broad daylight. This was not the work of one sick man, but rather a secret white slavery ring that serves the wealthy and powerful, no matter how disgusting their tastes.

And they have plans for Jessi.


Serial killer Paul Dodd is in jail awaiting trial. But soon he is visited by someone offering a chance at freedom, and the ultimate revenge. All he has to do is just one small favor.


Trouble has found Detective Mallory Black when her dark past catches up with her and she finds herself suspended. How can she possibly save Jessi when she can’t work the case?


Jasper Parish knows that helping Mallory could cost him his freedom. But he had his own sins to atone for, and will stop at nothing to save Jessi … even if it costs him everything.


None of them have any idea what’s in store as the powerful organization’s tentacles wrap around them, bringing them all to the brink of No Return.

* * * *

No Justice is the thrilling new series from Sean Platt and David Wright that will bring you to the edge of your seat, then kick the chair out from under you. For fans of shows like Dexter and movies like The Silence of the Lambs and Seven.

The No Justice series are standalone titles which can be read in any order, though they’re best read in the proper order.
No Justice (Book 1 of the No Justice Series)
No Escape (Book 2 of the No Justice Series)
No Hope (Book 3 of the No Justice Series)


What reviewers on Amazon are saying:

“I couldn’t stop reading”
“Mind Blown … This was an amazing story with a twist that I didn't see coming.”
“Frightening and intense”
“I love this series”
“Can’t wait for the next one”